Built to exploit the full capabilities of your mobile through a native interface, the mEnterprise app provides a secured access to your business data and makes information handling easy.

mEnterprise is the mobile app of the Motilia mobility suite. mEnterprise connects securely with your information system through the Motilia server, and take the shape required by the organization. With mEnterprise, you can get things done, wherever you are, thanks your real time business informations at your fingertips.

The Motilia mobility suite allows you to build the mobile solution specific to your organization without recourse to any programming (excluding database requests in the SQL language). It fits into your information system while adapting to its technical characteristics (databases, enterprise directory services, communication security).

Why use mEnterprise?

Get your business-specific mobile solution without programming

mEnterprise customizable menu

Connect securely mobile devices to your corporate databases

mEnterprise sliding row

Update and enter informations with simple touch gestures

mEnterprise icon menu

Get the best mobile experience: a fully-native and customizable mobile interface

mEnterprise native and customizable interface

Access your specific features

  • Authenticate yourself through your enterprise directory services (Active Directory or LDAP) to connect to your information system.
  • Activate fingerprint recognition on compatible devices to authenticate yourself.
  • mEnterprise provide you the features associated to your position within the organization.

Navigate seamlessly around your business informations and locate the informations useful for your situation

  • With just a few taps, select the suitable criteria and locate the informations adapted to your situation.
  • Your informations can be displayed in a variety of forms: in a list, in an image gallery, as graphs, etc...

Update informations and enter new data with simple touch gestures

  • With a single tap, update or enter informations in your enterprise databases (Oracle DB, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Sybase, MySql, PostgreSql, etc...) through specific forms.
  • With a swipe, delete an information or activate an action associated to the information.

Get the best mobile experience: a native interface, fluid, responsive and adapted to your mobile device

  • mEnterprise adapts its interface to your smartphone or tablet to display informations according to current graphical guidelines on your platform.
  • mEnterprise evolves with the new operating system versions of your mobile device.
  • With an interface familiar to mobile users, mEnterprise allows users to master their mobile solution quickly and easily, maximizing the chances of a successful mobile project as a result.

Customize and adapt your mobile interface to your corporate design

  • Insert your organization logo with just a few clicks.
  • Adapt the mobile interface colors to your corporate design.

Secure the communication between the mobile and your information system

  • Implement encryption through the https secured protocol or use your current virtual private network (VPN).
  • Benefit from the enhanced security features to counter network attacks, communication tampering and forgery.