Data security has risen to the top of the list of business concerns. Learn more about the challenges your mobile solution is facing and the threats it should tackle.

Network attacks: an overview

There are many different attacks, that fall into categories. Their understanding help you guard against them and develop security processes to prevent unauthorized access to your information system.

Injection attacks

Injection attacks, and particularly SQL Injections, are the most commonly exploited vulnerabilities by hackers. Learn more about injection attacks, and how to prevent them.

Session hijacking, XSS and CSRF

Session hijacking, XSS and CSRF attacks injects a Javascript-based script into the device to steal user-related informations. These informations are then used to break into the server.

Communication infrastructure security and the "Man in the Middle"

You have implemented encryption of the communication between your mobile devices and your server. In view of some recent examples, how to ensure communication security at all stages?

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