Mobile solutions give managers and employees access to their business information wherever they are. But how can organizations make full use of the new opportunities offered to them by this digital revolution?

null Lean Mobility project layout

The Lean Mobility methodology is based on the Deming wheel, a method for continuous improvement of processes and products. It includes 4 steps to make sure that the business mobile solution stay as close to the business needs while taking account of operational constraints.

Deming Wheel

Deming wheel

  1. PLAN phase
    establish the objectives necessary to deliver results in accordance with the expected goals,
  2. DO phase
    implement the product feature,
  3. CHECK phase
    compare the actual results against the expected goals, look for deviation from the PLAN, the appropriateness and completeness of the PLAN to enable the execution,
  4. ACT phase
    validate the new standard for the organization to go forward (if the CHECK shows that the implemented PLAN is an improvement to the prior standard) or keep the existing standard (if the CHECK shows that the implemented PLAN is not an improvement). If the CHECK showed something different than expected, then there are potential future PDCA cycles.

Lean Mobility methodology

The Lean Mobility methodology

Project breakdown

The first project task is its breakdown into features.

  • Feature goals
  • Identification of targeted user groups per feature
  • Prioritization of features
  • Install of integration & production environments

Feature implementation

Features are subjected to an implementation in the form of consecutive or parallel cycles.

1. Plan

  • Business requirements: feature goal, targeted user groups & description
  • Database table mapping & requests

2. Do

  • Implementation (Motilia configuration)
  • Tests in the integration environment

3. Check

  • Deployment in production environment
  • User training
  • Usage
  • User feedback

4. Act

  • Feature validation or invalidation
  • Change management: record of unexpected results

With Motilia, as the «Do» phase duration is minimal thanks to the lack of programming, it is appropriate to restrict each cycle global duration to one or two weeks - thus making the project highly reactive.

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