Mobile adoption has exploded, growing faster than any technology in history. To help further the digital transformation of businesses in an ever-changing environment, is it time to consider integration of mobile versions of their mission-critical assets?

null Mobile adoption and usage

Mobile overtook fixed Internet access

Millions of global users (source: comScore)
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Given the massive adoption of mobiles, what about their use?

The iPhone has been introduced in 2007 as an iPod with touch controls, a mobile phone and an Internet communication device. Since then, it has created a whole new generation of information access devices. It took only 7 years for mobiles to overtake fixed Internet access.

Time spent on apps

Billions of minutes spent online in the US (source: comScore)
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Further analysis reveals that the tidal wave initiated by mobiles is driven by mobile apps.

Users prefer using apps to consume digital content. Furthermore, the main consumer apps developed originally with the hybrid technology have evolved into native apps, such as the Facebook app and some Google products, improving significantly their user rating.

According to Exact Target research in 2014:

  • 32% of respondents associate mobile with on-the-go use,
  • 85% of respondents consider mobile devices a central aspect of their live,
  • On average, respondents spend 3.3 hours per day on their smartphones.

Is your business ready to enable the people in your workforce to make the most of their mobile moments and their interactions with customers and colleagues, and in particular take direct action to get things done wherever they are?

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