Motilia is the instrument to implement your vision of enterprise mobility


Get your enterprise mobile solution, suited to your requirements, in just a few days

Our other assets: the integration to your information system and the quality of the native mobile interface

The mobile solution integrated with your IT, fast to implement and able to evolve simply

Native interface

Native interface, fluid and reactive

With motilia, your mobile solution exploits the full capabilities of your mobile, in particular in the graphics and networking areas. Its user interface provides fluidity and responsiveness similar to those of the main consumer apps.

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IT integration

Integration with your IT

Your mobile solution is the window to your corporate databases, from Oracle to SQL Server or DB2. It is secured, integrated into your security environment and connected to your corporate directory services such as Active Directory or LDAP.

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easy, fast, evolutionary

Simplicity, speed, ability to evolve

Based on a unique and patented technology, the setup without programming allows you to implement your solution way faster than with any other technology (including hybrid apps), and to rely on your current workforce.

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